Recent Before & After Photos

Carpet Saved After Sump Pump Failure

In this pair of photos, you can see the damage done to a home after a recent storm. Our crews arrived, extracted water, and removed the affected padding the sam... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

This basement flooded after a sump pump failed during a particularly severe thunderstorm. SERVPRO was asked to assist the customer in removing several inches of... READ MORE

Mold Growth on Wood Framing

This home had mold growth throughout the main level after a pipe burst. The customer did not discover the mold until several months after the water loss. SERVPR... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Mold was found on this wall during the mitigation of a water damage after drywall was removed. Our crews were able to treat the mold and dry the structure to pr... READ MORE

Leaky Toilet

This is one of the more common water damages that we see at SERVPRO. The toilet's wax ring seal had failed causing the water to leak out onto the floor. We remo... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage

This photo shows water damage under the cabinet of the kitchen sink. The water supply line to the dishwasher had been leaking causing mold to grow. We removed t... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This home had to be completely gutted due to a kitchen fire that affected the entire home. SERVPRO crews worked to clean and deodorize what structural materials... READ MORE

House Fire

This fire loss caused the entire 2 floors of the home to be completely gutted. The pictures shown are the before and after of the upstairs. Prior to being gutte... READ MORE

Restaurant Water Damage

Early Thanksgiving morning, a restaurant owner entered his establishment to find that it was completely flooded. A refrigerator line had broke and leaked all ni... READ MORE

Sewage Back Up in a Power Plant

A power plant suffered a water loss when a sewage line became backed up. Category 3 water (contaminated water) overflowed onto the building's floor. Most of the... READ MORE