Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Leaky Toilet

This is one of the more common water damages that we see at SERVPRO. The toilet's wax ring seal had failed causing the water to leak out onto the floor. We remo... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage

This photo shows water damage under the cabinet of the kitchen sink. The water supply line to the dishwasher had been leaking causing mold to grow. We removed t... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Damage

SERVPRO was called to a home after a pipe broke in the kitchen ceiling. Water traveled and created a big mess that needed to be cleaned up, dried out, and put b... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Break

SERVPRO was called to this property in Ohio to clean up after a frozen pipe broke in the kitchen ceiling. The first step was removing all of the wet contents. T... READ MORE

When Demo is appropriate

This home had been empty for quite some time, so no one knew of the water intrusion. When drywall is totally wet and shows signs of deterioration, it is necessa... READ MORE

Hidden Damage

This kitchen, from just looking at it looks completely unaffected by water. Only by using moisture reading equipment can we "see" that there is water under this... READ MORE