Water Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded Crawlspace

In this photo, water is about 2 ft deep throughout the home's entire crawlspace. This situation is unique in that the crawlspace is underneath the porch of the home. Clean up and drying is challenging in this type of space.

Water Pipe Leak

This photo shows a home's hot water tank pipe leaking. The leak caused a significant amount of water to soak the carpet in the rooms around where the pipe was leaking.

We Find All Moisture

Using Moisture Meters To Detect All Moisture. These tools are such an important part of our jobs...if not for them, we would not know when things are actually dry.

Commercial Water Loss

We are prepared for anything. Gathering equipment prior to being placed for drying. This allows us to see where they need to be placed and also if we have enough on site to get the job done.

Water Restoration

Use of drying equipment to dry out structure in this clients basement. Because the shape of this air mover, it allows the air to be directed in a very specific way. 

The Train Depot

Canal Winchester Ohio. Trying to keep history alive by restoring damage to building. The Train Depot experienced a pipe break during the cold winter. This break caused the furnace to go out which made the entire building freeze.