General Photo Gallery

Containment Set Up

Clean Containment set up. It takes but a few extra minutes to make our work environment look neat and organized. This means taping nice and straight, and making sure every seam is as tight as possible.

Think Cleanliness with your Choice of Cleaning Cloths

Best Choice for Cleaning Cloths. Over the years, we have tried several types of cleaning cloths and materials. This material, by far is the best, and our cloth of choice. They are readily available in any store.

Inlaid Wood Flooring

An example of Inlaid Wood Flooring. Sometimes referred to as parquet flooring, this particular inlay was hand installed piece by a jigsaw puzzle. The craftsman cut each piece to fit in the provided space to create this beautiful centerpiece.

Our Official Company Mascot

How is a person supposed to get any work done?!?!

Across the country, I would bet that there are many businesses that have dogs there every day. This is Isabelle....she belongs to our owner and comes to work with her "Mom" every day.

Spring is HERE!!!!!

These Gorgeous flowers are a reminder that SPRING is HERE!

It seems like here in the midwest, the coming of spring means strong weather systems, including lots of rain. Remember, if you are in need of water restoration, give us a call at 740-756-7003

SERVPRO Employee Of The Month

Our youngest "Office Assistant" here at SERVPRO of Fairfield County. And she is reading our company Newsline! She is the granddaughter of the owner as well as the daughter of the Office Manager. 

It is kind of pretty though

Snow........It is very beautiful, but, along with that beauty comes the risk of damage. Water, fire or with extended water, even some mold damage. Be prepared this winter in the event of a snow storm.