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What Does An Air Scrubber Do?

An air scrubber is a piece of HVAC equipment that sucks in dirty air, uses high-grade filtration to remove pollutants of all types and sizes from it, and sends it back into your living space!

Life Happens

Life happens... you forget to put the lid on the blender, kids spill drinks and homes get dirty.Our SERVPRO team of professionals have the expertise to provide a deeper clean than your basic house cleaning service.



Teamwork is so awesome. The first thing each day, we start with our WIP meeting (work in progress). This allows everyone to be up to speed on each project so that things don't fall through the cracks. Its no different on a large loss.


This is so Surprising! The human resources aspect of this business certainly has its challenges. These statistics, while applying to most businesses, definitely have an impact on us as a small business. Keeping a tight handle on these things really improves our productivity.