Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage In Retail Store At Mall

The local mall was built in a low plain area of town. I remember my Grandparents saying that one of these days, it would be under water. Well, this was one of t... READ MORE

Furniture Cleaning

Most people would think that tafter seeing this piece of furniture, it was ready for a trip to the landfill. But, suprisingly, it still has life left in it. How... READ MORE

When Demo is appropriate

This home had been empty for quite some time, so no one knew of the water intrusion. When drywall is totally wet and shows signs of deterioration, it is necessa... READ MORE

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Cleaning oriental/area rugs can sometimes be tricky. These are so many different fibers that these specialty rugs can be made, cotton, rayon and wool... READ MORE

Check this out!

Dramatic difference!! I love photos like this. As a carpet cleaner, its very satisfying to be able to see the difference in where you are cleaning.This commerci... READ MORE

Bedroom Transformation

The water damage in this room was really significant. The carpet, subfloor, baseboard walls and studs had been wet for a really long time. Since it started behi... READ MORE

Hidden Damage

This kitchen, from just looking at it looks completely unaffected by water. Only by using moisture reading equipment can we "see" that there is water under this... READ MORE